Our services


Our buy side experience and capabilities span the globe with clients that include listed multinationals, private equity firms and ambitious owner-managed businesses.  In all cases our buy side clients benefit from our deep sector knowledge, an established international network of relationships and committed execution support throughout the acquisition process.

For growing international corporates, we typically provide a comprehensive buy side service covering a particular geographic market and / or technology vertical in support of a strategically important market-entry or growth strategy.  Acting as part of your in-house M&A team, we identify and screen potential acquisition opportunities, lead negotiations with target shareholders, oversee the due diligence process and manage completion mechanics.

For private equity firms and owner-managed businesses, our service typically focuses on specific one-off acquisition targets where our deep sector understanding and senior industry relationships bring the insight, experience and credibility needed to unlock difficult or highly competitive acquisition opportunities.

Recognising that acquisitions are never without risk, we are not afraid to advise against a particular acquisition opportunity where we think it will fail to deliver on its objectives, or to temper valuation and deal terms where, in our experience, these appear overly ambitious.


Our sell side advisory services focus on helping our clients realise the best possible value and terms on an exit.

For owner-managed businesses, we provide a highly bespoke sell side advisory and support service led and delivered by our partners.  Having ourselves founded and built our own business, we understand both the excitement and challenges of growing a business.   When considering and realising an exit, we firmly believe we can provide a level of insight, empathy, senior commitment and sheer hard work that simply cannot be matched by larger, more institutionalised advisory firms.

For private equity firms and larger corporates, we focus on the sale of smaller or specialist businesses and less straightforward investments, where our deep sector understanding, the hands-on involvement of our partners and absolute commitment can make a real difference.

For companies with subscription-based or transaction based business models, we offer specific revenue analysis services (“Strata Excelerate”) to identify and explain growth and churn patterns in historical data and provide a robust basis for growth assumptions.

In all cases we provide hands-on support throughout the sale process, advising on sector dynamics, valuation and how best to position a business for sale, helping identify appropriate buyers and investors, leading the approach to and negotiations with potential buyers, managing the due diligence process and coordinating completion mechanics.


Our long track record in technology and science-related sectors gives us access to an extensive international network of finance providers keen to invest in both emerging businesses with high growth potential and more established opportunities that offer the prospect of secure medium-term returns.

While we do not have absolute size thresholds, we find our capital raising services and network of investor relationships are best suited to either rapidly growing technology-enabled businesses making circa €5m – €10m of annual revenues, or more mature businesses needing funds for investment or to enable a partial value realisation for the founding team.

In each case, our deep technical and sector understanding and established global investor network allow us to position your equity story with the right investors quickly and efficiently. Thereafter, with preliminary interest confirmed, our rigorous process management skills and proven negotiation capabilities and experience ensure that you raise capital on the best possible terms.