Strata Partners advised Aurix on its sale to Avaya


Strata Partners has advised Aurix, a global provider of speech analytics and audio data mining technology on its sale to Avaya, a global provider of business communications and collaboration systems and services.

Aurix`s patented technology enables real-time identification, searching and audio mining. The Aurix phonetic speech search engine is a direct descendant of a world-class capability in speech recognition developed over three decades. It represents a break-through in speech analytics by supporting the real-time identification, searching and data mining of huge volumes of audio and audio-visual material, without the need for massive computer power. The phonetic search and audio mining technology is based on an open architecture, so that it can be easily integrated with Aurix`s partners` technology.

Strata Partners ran a complex auction process for Aurix involving world leading Enterprise Communication and E-discovery players from Europe and North America.

Through the acquisition, Aurix a UK based company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Avaya and will continue to provide its solutions through its established global network of OEM, VAR and Reseller channels. In addition, Aurix technology will be incorporated into Avaya Aura® and other solutions in Avaya’s Customer Contact and Unified Communications portfolios.

“This move will enable us to provide enhanced solutions that extract business intelligence from voice interactions, for those wanting to gain operational efficiencies, to improve the mitigation of business risk and to create competitive advantage,” said Peter Rogers, CEO, Aurix. “The synergies in our business approach and use of open architectures mean that our combined channel partners and customers will benefit from advanced solutions that will lead the market in customer contact and unified communications.”

“The value of document search engines is widely understood. There’s another dimension of data that is largely untapped, however, and that is the information exchanged through spoken interactions,” said Brett Shockley, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Innovation & Strategy, Avaya. “Aurix’s technology will enable Avaya’s customers to quickly find the interactions that can impact their ability to attain high customer satisfaction and increase revenue generation. The analysis of these interactions can drive enhancements in processes that advance their business objectives.”

No transaction value was disclosed.