Strata Partners advises on the sale of a majority stake in InvestIN to Dukes Education

Strata Partners is delighted to announce that it acted as the exclusive financial adviser to Hitesh Chowdhry and Shameer Thobhani on the sale of a majority stake in InvestIN Education Limited (“InvestIN”) to Dukes Education (“Dukes Education”).

Co-founders Hitesh Chowdhry and Shameer Thobhani founded InvestIN in 2012 in London, UK. Their mission was to empower students aged 12-18 to choose the right career and maximise their potential by providing them with an immersive experience of their dream career, through hands-on simulations delivered by world-class professionals. InvestIN provides a range of top-quality immersive in-person and online experiences for aspiring doctors, engineers, investment bankers, lawyers, medics, vets and more.

InvestIN has grown fast without any external funding; it now employs more than 50 UK-based staff, offering programmes to students across the UK and in the USA, Middle East and Asia. More than 50,000 students from over 100 countries have attended its career taster programmes in the past 10 years. And, through its recently introduced AmbitionX online careers platform, InvestIN now offers students an even wider choice of career-focused live events to help them identify and experience potential careers that they may wish to pursue in future.