Strata advised Whitfield Solar Limited on private placement

Advised Whitfield Solar Limited on a £2.7 million private placement


Transaction Summary

Strata advised Whitfield Solar Limited, a UK-based developer of photovoltaic solar concentrators, on a £2.7 million private placement.

  •  Solar Photovoltaic Concentrator Company spun out of Reading University
    • Pre-revenue
    • Strong technology heritage
    • ‘Fab-less’ manufacturing model
  • Strata hired to act as Whitfield’s exclusive financial advisor to
    • Advise the company on fundraising matters (e.g. appropriate milestones in relationship to funds sought)
    • Prosecute the company’s fundraising strategy – market the company to new investors globally
    • Manage an existing complex shareholder base
    • Provide support to the management team
  • Key Strata Expertise
    • Local, recent knowledge of the fundraising landscape
    • Deep understanding of ‘turn-ons’ and ‘turn-offs’ for investors
    • Solid appreciation of the challenges of manufacturing roll-out
  • £2.7 million placement successfully completed November 2009
    • Bulk of this round came from a new lead investor (undisclosed identity)
    • Balance from existing investors